A History of Collaborations

A History of Collaborations

Alabama Chanin would like to thank the following collaborators and contributors. We’ve worked together to design and produce stencil designs, garment patterns, embroidered garments, upcycled garments, fabrics, one-of-a-kind pieces of art to wear, jewelry, ceramic dinnerware, glasses, quilts, furniture, as well as a wide range of events across the globe. 

Thank you one and all.

Collaborations in chronological order:

Lola Schnabel

200 one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn, painted, embellished, and embroidered garments

Design Fall 2001 | Presentation Spring 2002 | Launch Fall/Winter 2002

Website: http://www.lolamontesschnabel.com  / Instagram: @motherfuture.

Fernando Sanchez 

50 one-of-a-kind garments using scrap fabrics from the Fernando Sanchez collection; The Fernando Skirt

Design Spring 2002 - Presentation Fall 2002 - Launch Spring/Summer  2003

Thomas Maier 

Embroidered and embellished swimwear


Design Fall 2002 | Presentation Spring 2003 | Launch Holiday 2003

Website: tomasmaier.com / Instagram: @tomasmaier

Habitual: Nicole and Michael Colovos

Embellished and embroidered denim jeans and skirts

Design and Presentation Spring 2003 | Launch Fall/Winter 2003

With a second launch in Spring 2004.

Website: https://www.colovos.com/  Instagram: @colovos

Studio Job: Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel

Stencil patterns for fabric

Design Fall 2003 | Presentation Spring 2004 | Launch Fall/Winter 2004

Website: https://www.studio-job.com/  Instagram: @studiojobofficial

Elliott Puckette and Hugo Guinness

Stencil interpretations of illustrations and drawings for fabric

Design Spring 2004 | Presentation Fall 2004 | Launch Spring/Summer 2005

Website: https://www.kasmingallery.com/artist/elliott-puckette

Website: https://www.hugoguinness.com/ Instagram: @hugoguinness

Michi Meko

Graffiti embellished garments

Design Spring 2004 | Presentation Fall 2004 | Launch Spring/Summer 2005

Website: http://michimeko.com/ Instagram: @michimeko

Eva Whitechapel 

Stencil patterns for fabric; The Whitechapel Coat

Fall 2004 | Presentation Spring 2005 | Launch Fall/Winter 2005

Rob Ryan

Stencil interpretations of illustrations for garments

Fall 2004 | Presentation Spring 2005 | Launch Fall/Winter 2005

Website: https://shop.robryanstudio.com/  Instagram: @robryantown

Chi Modu

Stencil interpretations of photographs for garments, embellished photographs on cotton jersey fabric

Design Spring 2005 | Presentation Fall 2005 | Launch Spring/Summer 2006

Website: ​​https://hiphopimages.com/  Instagram: @chimodu

The Kitchen Project: Angie Mosier, Robert Rausch, Tom Driver
Catalog with hand-written recipes;  Project Alabama designs

Design Summer 2005 | Launch Fall 2005
Website: http://placematproductions.com/  Instagram: @angiemosier
Website: https://www.rauschphotography.com/  Instagram: @robertrausch
Website: http://halleyresources.com/details.aspx?nav=0&subid=7890&modelid=506439/ 

Charles Moore 

Photo inspired stencils; Photo printed fabrics; Exhibition

Design Fall 2007 | Presentation Spring 2008 | Launch Fall/Winter 2008

Website: http://www.stevenkasher.com/artists/charles-moore

Goods of Conscience: Father Andrew
Indigo-dyed garments
Design Fall 2008 | Launch Spring 2009
Website: https://www.goodsofconscience.com/ Instagram: @goodsofconscience

Heath Ceramics: Cathy Bailey and Robin Pertovic

Etched dinnerware

Design 2009-2011| Launch Fall/Winter 2011
Website: https://www.heathceramics.com/  Instagram: @heathceramics

Barbequed Dresses: Drew Robinson and Nick Pihakis

Smoked Alabama Chanin wedding dresses for the Southern Foodways Alliance’s 15th Annual Symposium
Design Summer 2012| Launch Fall/Winter 2012
Instagram: @drewrobinsoniii 

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.: Brooks Reitz 

French Terry Bar Towel
Design Fall 2013 | Launch Spring/Summer 2013

Website: https://jackrudycocktailco.com/  Instagram: @jackrudycocktailco

Little River Sock Mill
Made in the USA, organic cotton socks
Design Fall 2013 | Launch Spring/Summer 2014
Website: https://zkano.com/pages/our-story  Instagram: @zkano_socks

Billy Reid: The Organic Cotton Project

Local organic cotton planted, harvested, and processed into clothing and socks

Planting Spring 2012 | Harvest Fall 2012 | Spinning and Knitting  2013 | Design Spring 2014 | Launch Fall 2014
Website: https://www.billyreid.com/  Instagram: @billy_reid

Patagonia Truth to Materials Collaboration
Reclaimed down scarves, wraps, and bandanas
Design XXXX | Launch Fall/Winter 2014
Website: https://www.patagonia.com/ Instagram: @patagonia

 6397: Stella Ishii

Upcycled, one-of-a-kind denim throws

Design Fall 2014 | Launch Summer 2015
Website: https://6397news.com/  Instagram: @6397_news

The Shelter Collection: Erin Reitz

Hand-blown glass drinkware
Design Spring 2016 | Launch Fall/Winter 2016

Instagram: @erin_marie_reitz

Ashley Christensen
Pullover top, cardigan, and dress inspired by the chef’s favorite shirt
Design Fall 2017 | Launch Spring/Summer 2017
Website: https://ac-restaurants.com/   Instagram: @ashley_christensen

Sally Fox 

Colored-grown cotton fabrics 

Design Spring 2007 | Presentation Fall 2007| Launch Spring/Summer 2008

Colored-grown cotton fabrics 

Design Spring 2017 | Presentation and Launch Fall 2017

Website: https://www.vreseis.com/ Instagram: @vreseis

Swans Island

Hand-dyed and embroidered wraps made with organic merino yarns

Design Spring 2018 | Launch Fall/Winter 2018
Website: https://swansislandcompany.com/  Instagram: @swansislandco

Burt’s Bees Baby
Baby tops, cardigans, hats, pants and dresses made from organic cotton scraps

Design 2017-2018 | Launch Fall/Winter 2018
Website: https://www.burtsbeesbaby.com/   Instagram: @burtsbeesbaby

Rosa Parks 7053 Tee benefitting the Equal Justice Initiative 

Design Spring 2020 | Launch Summer 2020
Website: https://abasicshop.com/  Instagram: @abasicshop

Hable Construction

Stenciled organic canvas apron and raglan-style tee
Design Spring 2020 | Launch Fall/Winter 2020
Website: https://www.hableconstruction.com/  Instagram: @hableconstruction

Botanical Colors
Naturally dyed, organic cotton garments
Design Spring 2021 | Launch Summer 2021
Website: https://botanicalcolors.com/  Instagram: @botanicalcolors

Rinne Allen

The Rinne Dress collection
Stenciled and embroidered hand-sewn dresses
Design Fall 2016 | Launch Spring 2017
Website: http://www.rinneallen.com/  Instagram: @rinneallen

Rinne Allen: Permission to Wander Collection

Hand-painted tops
Design Spring 2021 | Launch Summer 2021

Website: http://www.rinneallen.com/  Instagram: @rinneallen

Diana Weymar: Tiny Pricks Project

21 one-of-a-kind hand-sewn and embroidered jackets
Design Spring 2021 | Launch Fall/Winter 2021
Website: https://www.tinypricksproject.com/  Instagram: @dianaweymar and @tinypricksproject