Alabama 21 Year Celebration

Alabama Chanin - Erin Reitz, 2016

Erin Reitz, 2016

Erin Reitz joined Alabama Chanin’s design team in 2016. Today, she is the Design Director and has collaborated with Natalie on some of our most iconic collections. 

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Alabama Chanin - Patagonia Truth to Materials Collaboration, 2014

Patagonia Truth to Materials Collaboration, 2014

Alabama Chanin begins an ongoing collaboration with Patagonia as part of their Truth to Materials initiative. Natalie writes an essay entitled “What Remains,”  published in Patagonia’s Truth to Materials lookbook.

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Alabama Chanin - Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns, 2015

Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns, 2015

Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns is the fourth volume in the Studio Book Series, inspired by requests for a wider variety of garment patterns. The introduction allows that “some people want looser styles; some people want a wider selection of sleeve options; others want more sizes.” A beloved part of The School of Making, the  book offers suggestions, tips, and instructions for altering patterns to suit individual preferences. The book introduces three new core patterns—the A-Line Dress, Wrap Skirt, and Classic Coat design and variations—and includes the patterns from all of the other Studio Books on a disc in the back of the book. 

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Alabama Chanin - Friends of the Cafe Dinner Series, 2014

Friends of the Cafe Dinner Series, 2014

The Friends of the Café dinner series begins at The Factory in June 2014. Featuring award-winning chefs from around the country, these dinners, benefiting the Southern Foodways Alliance and a range of other organizations, bring guests and community together to explore food, storytelling, and sustainability around a common table of curated, multi-course meals with wine and cocktail pairings. An extensive lineup of award-winning chefs, farmers, and culinary and libation connoisseurs partner with Alabama Chanin to host the dinners and create  meals made from local, regional, and sustainable farms. Many dinners feature other elements—book signings, music, and storytelling—with musical performances by John Paul White, Cedric Burnside, and others, as well as partnerships with organizations like the Oxford American and Southern Makers. The dinners are often documented by photographers Abraham Rowe and Rinne Allen and are a celebration of the Slow Food movement that has deeply inspired Alabama Chanin’s slow design mission.

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Alabama Chanin - John T. Edge, 2014

John T. Edge, 2014

John T. Edge is the founding director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, as well as an author and chronicler of the American South. Through the lens of food, John T. presents this region’s tumultuous social and agricultural past. Learning from this history, John T. charges Southerners with paving the way for a progressive, diverse, and honest future. John T. has long been a friend and collaborator through our Friends of the Café dinners, which benefit the Southern Foodways Alliance’s research and programs.

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Alabama Chanin - Gael Towey, 2014

Gael Towey, 2014

Gael Towey is a storyteller, director, and creative whose passion lies in the process. She is the founder of Gael Towey & Co., an organization that celebrates and explores the power, beauty, and enigmatic nature of creativity. Gael is the producer and director of Portraits in Creativity, a series of short-form documentaries that share and preserve artists’ stories—tales of bravery, inspiration, loss, strength, fear, and finding the spark. We are continually inspired by her curiosity of spirit, ingenuity, and thoughtful creative voice.

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Alabama Chanin - Stella Ishii + 6397 Collaboration, 2015

Stella Ishii + 6397 Collaboration, 2015

Through a design and manufacturing collaboration with designer Stella Ishii and her line 6397, Natalie and the Alabama Chanin design team create a series of upcycled, one-of-a-kind denim throws. 6397 supplies Alabama Chanin with denim overstock from production processes, samples, and test pieces which is cut apart, incorporated with some of 6397’s knitwear and Alabama Chanin’s own cotton jersey scraps, and stitched together to make throws. The finished throws are a nod toward upcyling and quilting traditions. Each throw is unique in color, in texture, and design. The collaboration with Stella and 6397 comes from the very heart of Alabama Chanin’s sustainable design and zero waste ideals.

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Alabama Chanin - Alabama on Alabama - Heath Ceramics, 2015

Alabama on Alabama - Heath Ceramics, 2015

In the summer of 2015, Natalie travels across the country, with her daughter Maggie,  on the California Zephyr for “Alabama on Alabama, an exhibition at Heath Ceramics’ recently opened event space, the Boiler Room, located on Alabama Street in San Francisco. Alabama on Alabama is a month-long journey into the soul of the modern South. Natalie’s work spearheads the exhibit, which also includes works by Alabama-artists Butch Anthony, known for his “intertwangled” paintings and creations using threads and embroidery, and works on paper by artist (and longtime Butch Anthony collaborator) Mr. John Henry Toney. Alabama on Alabama also showcases the work of photographer, Rinne Allen.

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Alabama Chanin - Bon Appétit and Heath Ceramics, 2015

Bon Appétit and Heath Ceramics, 2015

In celebration of their new collaborative tableware, Natalie and Cathy Bailey of Heath Ceramics host a party at the Seale, Alabama home of Butch Anthony. The story includes Natalie’s children; Maggie Anthony-Chanin (then nine-years old) and Zach Chanin (then chef of The Factory Cafe). Makers, artists, friends, and chefs drive and fly many miles to be a part of the day. Bon Appétit features the gathering in their October 2015 issue. The story, entitled “Alabama Getaway,” is a 10-page spread complete with recipes, stories, and celebration. 

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Alabama Chanin - Flags of Hope, 2016

Flags of Hope, 2016

In 2016, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort founds New York Textile Month, a festival and exhibition that repositions textiles, often overlooked as a means to an end, as central to modern design. New York Textile month celebrates these materials that are so deeply woven into our lives, their rich and diverse history, and encourages a dialogue around innovation in sustainable design.  For the inaugural issue of NYTM’s Talking Textiles magazine, Natalie writes an essay entitled “Flags of Hope.”

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