Alabama Chanin - Women's Wear Daily, May 2017

Women's Wear Daily, May 2017

Alabama Chanin Returning to Wholesale, Relaunching E-commerce This Fall "With the capacity to scale up and it's new machine-made collection, Alabama Chanin is returning to wholesale and is aiming to have 10 to 12 retailers this fall. In September the company will introduce wovens and a full range of ribbed core pieces that are sewn locally." DOWNLOAD PDF

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Alabama Chanin - Vogue, May 2017

Vogue, May 2017

Alabama Chanin Is Launching a New Collection of Seed-to-Shelf, Made-in-the-USA Basics "Natalie Chanin has made sustainability part of her clothing projects from the very beginning. One of her earliest creations, a circa 2001 Project Alabama T-shirt emblazoned with a reverse appliqué of a bald eagle, is tucked away in my bottom drawer, where I stash all my treasures. In those days she used locally sourced vintage tees, hiring at-home quilters to do elaborately crafty stitch work. Her brand of homespun chic caught the attention of the Cooper Hewitt museum; she was nominated for its 2005 National Design Awards. That year...

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Alabama Chanin - Garden & Gun, April 2017

Garden & Gun, April 2017

Celebrate the South: The Ultimate Southern Bucket List "Perhaps no one has set the standard for 'slow fashion' in the modern era like Natalie Chanin—planting organic cotton with Billy Reid for a product line; employing local women to do the hand stitching from their homes in and around Florence, Alabama, the site of Chanin’s headquarters; and placing an emphasis on fabric and craftsmanship. No wonder sewing-circle types flock to her one-day to weeklong hands-on workshops, at which small groups of all levels come together to learn stitching techniques. Start by choosing a kit (all materials provided), then follow along as...

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Alabama Chanin - Victoria Magazine, January 2017

Victoria Magazine, January 2017

All in the Details: Alabama Chanin "After years spent living in New York and abroad while working in the fashion industry, designer Natalie Chanin returned to her Southern roots to launch her own company. Christened Alabama Chanin—a reference to the nickname earned by her accent—the business began with a line of deconstructed/reconstructed T-shirts that were hand-sewn by workers in her hometown of Florence, Alabama." GO TO ARTICLE

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Alabama Chanin - The National, December 2016

The National, December 2016

Sew Good "Chanin's socially minded approach is also reflected in her supply chain: All Alabama Chanin products are made with sustainably sourced, 100% organic cotton–the majority of which is grown in Lubbock, Texas, spun, knit, and dyed in the Carolinas, and sewn in Alabama." DOWNLOAD PDF

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Alabama Chanin - The Ultimate Luxury is Time: This 'Slow Fashion' Brand is Rooted in DIY

The Ultimate Luxury is Time: This 'Slow Fashion' Brand is Rooted in DIY

The Ultimate Luxury is Time: This 'Slow Fashion' Brand is Rooted in DIY The Ultimate Luxury is Time: This 'Slow Fashion' Brand is Rooted in DIYNatalie Chanin began making t-shirts that New Yorkers wanted to touch over 15 years ago. It started with a hastily refashioned tee for a swanky party. The rural Alabama girl thought it was unusual that the “fancy fashion city folk” handled her creation with wonder. This makeshift shirt opened an opportunity to connect with people from a different world. That’s how the founder and creative director of Alabama Chanin describes the advent of her sustainable...

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Alabama Chanin - Selvedge, July 2016

Selvedge, July 2016

Cotton On "Cotton is the foundation of the work of Alabama Chanin in Florence, Alabama, both environmentally and also culturally. Founder Natalie Chanin along with her team at The Factory and their network of local artisans, have grown their business thoughtfully and holistically over the years: they follow Slow Design methods, choosing to use only organic cotton fabric in the production of their well-known hand and machine sewn garments and homewares. Recognized as pioneers in their field, they have received accolades from the Council of Fashion Designers of America and many others for the good work they do, both in...

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Alabama Chanin - The Moth, April 2016

The Moth, April 2016

200 One-of-a-Kind T-Shirts "After spending much of her life running away, a woman returns home to Alabama to manufacture the hand-sewn clothes she has designed." GO TO ARTICLE

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Alabama Chanin - Rue Magazine, February 2016

Rue Magazine, February 2016

Alabama Chanin: Coming Home to Start Something New Alabama Chanin was born out of necessity. Founder Natalie Chanin faced that common challenge – an industry party and nothing to wear. Only Natalie was a fashion veteran, with years of styling and costume design experience, and the shirt she whipped up using thifted tees and simple hand-stitches was the hit of the night. Orders for the shirt poured in faster than she could replicate it, necessitating a cadre of seamstresses. Luckily, Natalie knew exactly where to find skilled textile workers – in her hometown of Florence, Alabama. The result? Alabama Chanin...

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Alabama Chanin - The Bitter Southerner, January 2016

The Bitter Southerner, January 2016

You Can Make It There "In Florence, Alabama, a homegrown fashion line is filling the holes left by the town’s defunct T-shirt industry — and retooling the way clothes are made, from farm to label. As the South grapples with hard truths about its former glory as a textile mecca, Alabama Chanin draws a new blueprint for building careers around community." GO TO ARTICLE

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