Ceremony, 2008

Ceremony, 2008

Alabama Chanin produces an exhibition, Ceremony, in collaboration with Robert Rausch and Angie Mosier, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Inspired by ceremonial rituals across culture and time, the white collection is photographed and, for the first time, an Alabama Chanin presentation and exhibition is shared virtually across the globe.

Learn more about Robert Rausch and GAS Design Center, where Ceremony was shown, here.

Learn more about Angie Mosier here.

Slide 1: Alabama Chanin’s Ceremony collection in the essay “Southern Cross-Stitch,” written by Marie-Noelle Bauer for Bloom Issue #19: Farm of the Future by Trend Union and Li Edelkoort, photographs by Sarah E. Lewis and Robert Rausch

Slides 2–3: Installations from Alabama Chanin’s Ceremony exhibition at GAS Design Center, Tuscumbia, Alabama, 2008, photographs by Robert Rausch

Slide 4: Fabric swatch in Eyelet embroidery with beading from Alabama Chanin’s Ceremony collection, 2008, photograph by Abraham Rowe

Slide 5: Sculptures built from found household objects (look closely and you’ll see doors, shelving, and bannisters, among other everyday items) for the Alabama Chanin’s Ceremony exhibition, 2008, photograph by Robert Rausch; Today these sculptures are displayed in The Factory Store