Makeshift Tote Bag Project, 2013

Makeshift Tote Bag Project, 2013

The Makeshift Tote Project begins in 2013 through a workshop hosted at the Standard Hotel Penthouse. Guests are given a blank organic cotton tote bag to customize throughout the evening, using provided materials and sewing notions. The conversations that ensue offer inspiration, as guests process and connect the themes, topics, and other shared experiences from previous Makeshift events that year. After the workshop, bags and materials are sent to additional artists, designers, foodies, and thought leaders across the globe, along with an invitation to join the ongoing conversation. The tote bags are photographed and published to a Tumblr page about the Makeshift Conversation Series where creatives connect and share stories, ideas, and work. 

The Tote Project continues at Makeshift 2014, with another engaging workshop and conversation at the Standard Hotel. The following year, Natalie and Cathy Bailey lead a similar tote project workshop for the Alabama on Alabama exhibition at Heath Ceramics’ Boiler Room.

Makeshift Tote Project participants include Andrew Williams, Angela Bliumis, Art Ruby, Billy Reid, Carson Scott, Father Andrew O'Connor, Gael Towey, Helen Toomer, Jack Sanders, Jill Andresevic, Joey Jalleo, Josh Rubin, Jude Al-Khalil, Julie Hanus, Kristen Wentrcek, Leslie Williamson, Lisa Fox, Megan Skidmore, Melanie Falick, Molly Yestadt, Natalie Chanin, Nicole Mackinlay Hahn, Philip March Jones, Sarah Dell'Orto, Sarah Yarborough, Stephany Boettner, Tift Merritt, Tung Chiang, and Zoe Turnbull.

Read more about Makeshift events and New York Design Week here.

Slide 1: Tote by Leslie Williamson from the Makeshift Tote Project, 2013, photograph by Peter Stanglmayr

Slide 2: Still from Makeshift Tumblr page with assorted totes and quotes from Makeshift Conversations; Tote by Gael Towey, Makeshift Tote Project, 2013, photographs by Peter Stanglmayr (hear from Gael and explore Portraits in Creativity, her series of short-form documentaries, here)

Slide 3: Totes by Sarah Yarborough and Philip March Jones, Makeshift Tote Project, 2013, photograph by Peter Stanglmayr

Slide 4: Totes by Natalie Chanin and Joey Jalleo, Makeshift Tote Project, 2013, photograph by Peter Stanglmayr

Slide 5: Totes by Jack Sanders and Lisa Fox, Makeshift Tote Project, 2013, photograph by Peter Stanglmayr

Slide 6: Tote by Natalie Chanin, Makeshift Tote Project, 2013, photographed on the well-worn concrete floors of The Factory

Slide 7: Makeshift Tote conversation via Tumblr, 2013