Paris and Oscar Wilde, 2003

Paris and Oscar Wilde, 2003

Twice a year, the Oscar Wilde Suite at L’Hotel becomes the collection showroom. Natalie meets with stores from around the world, and the stocklist grows from the original eight stores to over thirty global locations. From the early hand-sewn t-shirts, the collection has grown to include skirts, dresses, jackets, coats, and accessories. Approximately sixty artisans continue to embroider and construct every garment by hand. 

The Oscar Wilde Suite is not only a showroom; but transforms into a photo studio, hotel room, and gathering spot for buyers and press who visit Paris during Fashion Week.  Each season, Natalie shares many moments with guests on the balcony of the Oscar Wilde Suite. Laura Vinroot Poole, from Capitol, is one of her favorite luncheon guests. 

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Slide 1: Contact Sheet from Gili Chen of photos taken at the Oscar Wilde Suite, L’Hotel, Paris, France, photograph by Robert Rausch

Slide 2: Photos from Fall/Winter 2002 Project Alabama collection, photographs by Gili Chen

Slide 3: The Rose Wrap Top at L’Hotel in Paris, 2002, photographs by Gili Chen; Shop the Rose Wrap Top from Alabama Chanin's 21 Year Collection

Slides 4-7: Photos from Fall/Winter 2003 Project Alabama collection, photographs by Les Deux Garçons