Stitch, 2000

Stitch, 2000

While seeking out former quilters in and around northwest Alabama, Natalie also interviews people about the act of quilting and its impact. The oral histories capture stories of how community members learned to quilt, examine the role quilting played within the community, share family histories, and reveal much about life in the region. The produced documentary brings to life how sewing as a “living art” was once an essential skill, and highlights the dignity and pride of self-sufficiency and endurance.

The final 22-minute documentary, “Stitch,” was the result of 35-hours of digital interviews and four rolls of Super 8 film. With a minuscule budget, the short film is produced and supported by Fish Film and directed by Natalie. Natalie’s friend Sissi Farassat (entry coming soon) acts as cinematographer; Jakob Glatz works as an assistant to the director, part-time camera and sound man, production coordinator, good sport, and fearless driver.

So many of the storytellers in this project, including Natalie’s grandmother, have passed away since 2001. We send the deepest gratitude to everyone involved, their families, and their ancestors, who transferred this knowledge to a willing generation.


Watch the film here.
Explore Sissi Farassat’s artwork via the Bildhalle Gallery here and follow her adventures @sissifarassat. (Entry coming soon)


Slide 1: Film still from the title sequence of “Stitch”, Director of Photography Sissi Farassat

Slide 2: Original “Stitch” VHS tape that played the 4-minute trailer during the first Alabama collection showing at the Chelsea Hotel, photograph by Robert Rausch

Slide 3: “Stitch” booklet, included with VHS tape packaging, designed by subtitle, photograph by Robert Rausch

Slide 4: “Stitch” packaging portfolio, designed by subtitle, photograph by Robert Rausch

Slide 5: Back cover of Sioseh 17: Alabama, by Sissi Farassat, shot by Sissi during the filming of “Stitch,” photograph by Robert Rausch

Slide 6: Photograph of the “Stitch” film crew—Jakob Glatz, Natalie Chanin, and Sissi Farassat, standing against the back wall of the house at Lovelace Crossroads—from Sioseh 17 by Sissi Farassat, photograph by Robert Rausch


Fish Film, operating from 1998 to 2003, produced, directed, organized, wrote, and supported an inspiring body of films, television commercials, and music videos. Thank you to all the Fish Film founders: John Buche, Christoph Chrudimak, Moritz Freidl, Gammon, Igor Orovac, Oliver Kartak, Florian Kehrer, Jo Molitoris, and Wolfgang Tschofen.



Concept and Direction: Natalie “Alabama” Chanin

Assistant to Director: Jakob Glatz

Camera: Sissi Farassat and Jacob Glatz

Cut: Gerd Berner

Trailer Editor: Martin Matusiak

Soundtrack: Gammon

Original Song “Stitches”: Khan

Sound Mix: Markus Pochinger

Sound Studio: Soundtrack

Creative Direction: Project Alabama

Graphics: Andrea Jirez and Florian Schmeiser

Stock Material: Lloyd Llewellyn

Producer: Josef Bacher

Chief Trouble Maker: Paul Graves

Positive Criticism: Florian Kehrer

Production Assistant: Agatha Whitechapel and Karen Gruber

Executive Producer: Igor Orovac