The Shelter Collection Collaboration, 2016

The Shelter Collection Collaboration, 2016

Erin Reitz co-founds, with friend and designer Kerry Speake, a Charleston-based shop called The Commons selling responsibly produced, American-made goods for the home. In 2015, Erin and Kerry launch a partnership with STARworks, a non-profit from Star, North Carolina, that focuses on supporting the local economy through art and craft. Their collaboration produces a tableware line that includes hand-blown glassware and wheel-thrown ceramic pieces.

After Erin joins the Alabama Chanin design team in 2016, the relationship inspires a special collaboration between The Commons and Alabama Chanin, featuring hand-blown glassware that is color blocked with white glass at the base. When the pieces are made, it is unknown how the colors will react together until the process is complete. Each piece—the glass pitchers, large 16 ounce glasses, and smaller 8-ounce glasses—is unique and one-of-a-kind. The Shelter Collection at Alabama Chanin prides itself on American-made craftsmanship. 


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Slide 1: Hand-blown pitcher and glassware with white color-blocked glass base from The Shelter Collection and Alabama Chanin collaboration, 2016, photograph by Rinne Allen