Tomas Maier Collaboration, 2003

Tomas Maier Collaboration, 2003

After an introduction in Paris, a collaboration is envisioned with designer Tomas Maier, future creative director of Bottega Veneta. Inspired by mutual friend Carmen Busquets, the collaboration showcases a limited-edition line of hand-stitched swimsuits, including 100 bikinis and 50 swim shorts. A party is hosted at the historic pool in the basement of L’Hotel in Paris and the mini-collection launches in early 2004.

Learn more about Tomas Maier here.

Learn more about Carmen Busquets’ work here.


Slide 1: Hand-stitched bikini from the Project Alabama and Tomas Maier collaboration, featured in the March 2004 issue of Vogue Magazine, photograph by Robert Rausch

Slide 2: Elle Magazine spread featuring hand-stitched bikinis from the Project Alabama and Tomas Maier collaboration (and embroidered jeans from the Project Alabama and Habitual Jeans collaboration—learn more about this collaboration here), January 2004, photograph by Robert Rausch