Alabama Chanin: 21 Years of Sustainability

Alabama Chanin - Embroidery: Threads and Stories, 2022

Embroidery: Threads and Stories, 2022

Natalie Chanin’s sixth book, Embroidery: Threads and Stories, is published on October 18, 2022. Natalie and our team set out on a book tour to host events, workshops, and book signings across the nation starting in the fall of 2022 and continuing into 2023. Purchase a signed copy of Embroidery: Threads and Stories here. Explore our full event schedule here, including upcoming events in your city and in our own community of The Shoals.  If you’ve had an itch to plan a road trip to The Shoals, explore our #Travel series on the Journal for must-see spots along the way....

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Alabama Chanin - Acknowledgements + Gratitude

Acknowledgements + Gratitude

We express our deepest gratitude to all of the friends, colleagues, and guests who have contributed to our 21 Years celebration.

Here’s to 21 years, and many more to come. 

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Alabama Chanin - Peter Stanglmayr, 2021

Peter Stanglmayr, 2021

Natalie and Peter Stanglmayr first meet in the mid-1990s in Vienna, Austria. After reconnecting in Brooklyn in the spring of 2000, Natalie attends Peter’s birthday party, sewing her first deconstructed t-shirt to wear for the occasion. The two go on to collaborate on photography projects across two decades.  In 2021, Peter travels with Kimry Blackwelder across the boroughs of New York City to photograph Sally Singer and Maria Cornejo for Alabama Chanin’s 21 Years Celebration—what you are reading today is the culmination of that work. The following conversation between Peter and Kimry Blackwelder took place on September 3, 2021—with Kimry writing from Bridgehampton,...

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Alabama Chanin - Kimry Blackwelder, 2021

Kimry Blackwelder, 2021

Kimry Blackwelder and Natalie meet in New York City in the early aughts, and quickly become friends through their shared Southern roots. Over the years, the two remain connected through mutual friends including Maria Cornejo, Sarah Cristobal, Billy Ferrel, and Zoe Turnbull

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Alabama Chanin - A History of Collaborations

A History of Collaborations

Alabama Chanin would like to thank the following collaborators and contributors. We’ve worked together to design and produce stencil designs, garment patterns, embroidered garments, upcycled garments, fabrics, one-of-a-kind pieces of art to wear, jewelry, ceramic dinnerware, glasses, quilts, furniture, as well as a wide range of events across the globe.  Thank you one and all. Collaborations in chronological order: Lola Schnabel 200 one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn, painted, embellished, and embroidered garments Design Fall 2001 | Presentation Spring 2002 | Launch Fall/Winter 2002 Website:  / Instagram: @motherfuture. Fernando Sanchez  50 one-of-a-kind garments using scrap fabrics from the Fernando Sanchez collection; The Fernando...

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Alabama Chanin - Songbirds and 1 Turtle Dove, 2009

Songbirds and 1 Turtle Dove, 2009

In 2009, the Songbirds collection is designed and shown in New York City the following year. Inspired by American Folk Singers, the collection features female vocalists and musicians from across the country.

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Alabama Chanin - 21 Years Index

21 Years Index

Below is a chronological index of all entries from Alabama Chanin’s 21 Years Celebration. Each title is linked to the original entry for seamless viewing. 1980–1990 School of Design and Early Work Life 1990–1999 Photography and Film 1999–2000 Venezuela to Brooklyn 2000 Brooklyn to Chelsea Alabama Collection Stitch 2001 Chelsea Hotel Julie Gilhart - Barneys New York Sally Singer Orders Project Alabama and Partners The Corset Steven Smith Chelsea Hotel and 9/11 Collaboration Stenciling and Lean Method 2002 Lola Schnabel @ Project Alabama Nicole Phelps Vogue and Julia Reed Picnic 2003 Paris and Oscar Wilde Laura Vinroot Poole Emerging Designers...

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Alabama Chanin - Diane Hall, 2006

Diane Hall, 2006

Diane Hall visits the Project Alabama production office at Lovelace Crossroads in 2001, after seeing someone sewing an early shirt design while waiting at a local doctor’s office. She is immediately welcomed to the team and still helps with projects and workshops today. For over two decades, Diane worked in every aspect of the organization: patternmaking, shipping, sewing, and teaching workshops. 

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Alabama Chanin - Trend Union and Philip Fimmano, 2021

Trend Union and Philip Fimmano, 2021

Natalie and Philip Fimmano meet in 2006 and work together on a variety of projects over the following years, from exhibitions and lectures to essays and other publications. Today, Philip is a trend analyst, curator, and the Creative Director of Trend Union. Founded by trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, Trend Union shares studied forecasts for coming seasons through uniquely immersive experiences, webinars, and tactile books. This work is deeply inspiring to all of us at Alabama Chanin.

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Alabama Chanin - 21 Years, 2021

21 Years, 2021

In 2021, Alabama Chanin collaborates with Diana Weymar of Tiny Pricks Project to create a collection of 21 one-of-a-kind jackets. Each piece is embroidered with 21 verses written by Diana and Natalie that capture Alabama Chanin’s journey and evolution over the past twenty-one years. Each jacket is hand sewn, then sent to Diana’s home in Vancouver, Canada where she uses chalk to write the verses across each garment in a unique configuration. Once marked, the jackets return to Alabama where Alabama Chanin  artisans embroider Diana’s blueprints.

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