Alabama Chanin: 21 Years of Sustainability

Alabama Chanin - Tina Lutz, 2005

Tina Lutz, 2005

Tina Lutz and Natalie meet for the first time in 2005 when they are both finalists in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund competition and find immediate connection.

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Alabama Chanin - Alabama State Council on the Arts, 2005

Alabama State Council on the Arts, 2005

Natalie is awarded her first Design Fellowship Award by the Alabama State Council on the Arts as part of the Individual Artist Fellowship Program.

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Alabama Chanin - Sarah Cristobal, 2005

Sarah Cristobal, 2005

Sarah Cristobal and Natalie meet for the first time at the Prom Night [LINK] presentation at Bowlmor Lanes in New York City. Two years later, Sarah attends the first Alabama Adventure Weekend to cover the event for

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Alabama Chanin - Alabama Adventure Weekend, 2005

Alabama Adventure Weekend, 2005

Inspired by the Project Alabama annual picnic, Natalie, along with photographer Robert Rausch and designer Billy Reid, conceive of a collaborative event called Alabama Adventure Weekend—a three-day celebration of art, music, film, culture, food, and fashion. 

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Alabama Chanin - Angie Mosier, 2005

Angie Mosier, 2005

After working together on The Kitchen Project, Angie Mosier becomes a longtime friend and collaborator. 

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Alabama Chanin - The Kitchen Project, 2005

The Kitchen Project, 2005

Inspired by oral histories collected by the Southern Foodways Alliance, Natalie collaborates for the first time with writer, photographer, and oral historian Angie Mosier to create a catalog featuring people working in their home kitchens or places of business.

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Alabama Chanin - Michi Meko Collaboration, 2005

Michi Meko Collaboration, 2005

From 2005 to 2006, Michi Meko, an artist and Shoals native, works with a range of collection stencils to airbrush graffiti-style patterns to a selection of Project Alabama garments.

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Alabama Chanin - Project Alabama Machine and Hôtel de Crillon, 2004

Project Alabama Machine and Hôtel de Crillon, 2004

The number of artisans hand-sewing Project Alabama collections grows to 120+ as the collectable pieces are sold in approximately 60 stores around the world.

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Alabama Chanin - Collaboration, 2001

Collaboration, 2001

In the fall of 2002, Lola Schnabel, an artist and friend to Natalie’s partner Enrico, travels to The Shoals, and Lovelace Crossroads to collaborate on a collection of one-of-a-kind shirts in what would become the first of many collaborations between artists, designers, photographers, and the artisan stitchers of Alabama. Lola’s drawings and collages are applied directly to individual tops and interpreted with hand-embroidery and embellishment in collaboration with local artisans.  This trip and the subsequent collection lead to many other collaborations over the years. These diverse partnerships expand opportunities and offer new spaces for creativity across disciplines and geographies. On...

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Alabama Chanin - Jennifer Venditti, 2003

Jennifer Venditti, 2003

Natalie meets Jennifer Venditti in 2001 during the early days of Jennifer’s now-renowned casting agency, JV8 INC. At the same time, Jennifer, along with Mollie R. Stern, run M.R.S., a clothing company that began in the Chelsea Hotel, in the same apartment where Natalie was developing her own hand-sewn t-shirts. M.R.S utilizes knit fabrics that include hand-stitched details, and the three often joke that there’s a ghost in the 4th floor room which urges all occupants to hand-sew.  Jennifer and JV8 INC work with Natalie on Prom Night @ The Bowling Alley, and the two begin a decades-long friendship that...

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