Alabama Chanin - Vogue, April 2021

Vogue, April 2021

Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Natalie Chanin is easing into her 20th-anniversary year with a collection titled “Soft.” Much of it is made using a lightweight cotton jersey that the designer describes as “very nurturing.” As always, the hand stitching is a reminder of connection and human touch, which so many are craving after the isolation caused by the pandemic.  We’re not coming back to the world we knew; much has been lost. Processing this will take time, and, says Chanin, “requires us to be soft and kind to ourselves and to others.” As this collection came together she found comfort and...

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Alabama Chanin - Vogue, February 2021

Vogue, February 2021

The United States of Fashion "Twenty years ago, Natalie Chanin returned home to Florence, Alabama, to reconnect with her roots and the hand-makers there for what was to be a one-off project. She never left. “Big magic” is how the designer describes the coming together of her brand, which is now recognized as a case study in how to do slow fashion responsibly and right. It was a process that, Chanin says, was like “being led down a road wildly.” And while the pace has become a bit more manageable over time, Chanin’s commitment—to land and hand, community and history—remains...

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Alabama Chanin - The Boston Globe, December 2020

The Boston Globe, December 2020

Peabody Essex follows a feminist thread through fashion history "From past to present to what feels like the future, 'Made It!' throws, finally, to what that better world might look like with five designers busy breaking new ground: Natalie Chanin, who bucked convention by going home to Florence, Ala., to reactivate dozens of out-of-work textile plant employees left high and dry when the local Tee Jays factory went bust in 2005. She’s presented alongside the Luiseño and Shoshone-Bannock designer Jamie Okuma, with a remarkable dress composed of uncut squares of fabric to eliminate waste; Dutch material genius Iris van Herpen,...

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Alabama Chanin - The Good Dirt Podcast, November 2020

The Good Dirt Podcast, November 2020

Live Recording With Natalie Chanin "In this episode, Natalie shares with us her experience in managing a small business that has grown into something much bigger, and the conversations she has to endure to create balance." GO TO ARTICLE

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Alabama Chanin - American Podcasts, November 2020

American Podcasts, November 2020

What We Wore with Laura Vinroot Poole "On this episode, Natalie Chanin shares her storied career from stylist to filmmaker to designer of Alabama Chanin. And, Natalie gives us a true lesson in sustainability as she explains her unbroken supply chain to Laura Vinroot Poole." GO TO ARTICLE

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Alabama Chanin - Vogue, September 2020

Vogue, September 2020

How the #WFH Movement Could Reshape Fashion "The case study for 'off-the-grid' fashion was created by Alabama Chanin who, in 2000, headed to Florence, Alabama, to work on what she thought would be a one-month project. Her idea, she says, was to make 200 one-of-a-kind T-shirts by hand, and she went home 'to search for the elusive skills of hand-sewers who were raised in the quilting tradition.' Twenty years later, she’s still there, an integral part of a community who is working with fashion responsibly and with transparency." SHOP PRODUCT GO TO ARTICLE

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Alabama Chanin - Vogue Runway, September 2020

Vogue Runway, September 2020

Spring 2021 Ready-To-Wear "Chanin played structure against ease this season; and it’s the latter that sings. It’s not just that waffle-knit separates seemed destined for a WFH wardrobe, but also the association of softness with tactile comfort and flexibility. The designer said she wanted things to feel 'more loose and joyful,' and they do." GO TO ARTICLE

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Alabama Chanin - American Fashion Podcast, May 2020

American Fashion Podcast, May 2020

The Alabama Chanin Story "In this, our 250th episode, we welcome one of the true original champions of the slow fashion movement, Natalie Chanin, designer and founder of the Florence, Alabama-based and globally recognized leading ethical fashion brand Alabama Chanin." Go to Article

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Alabama Chanin - GQ, April 2020

GQ, April 2020

Where To Buy Face Masks Right Now "Natalie Chanin is a longtime practitioner of 'slow design,' making hand-sewn and machine-made womenswear garments in her factory in Florence, Alabama. All her pieces are made from 100 percent organic cotton sourced from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative in Lubbock, Texas. Her non-medical face masks are made from tight-weave cotton that is less permeable than standard cottons, and are washable and reusable." SHOP PRODUCT GO TO ARTICLE

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Alabama Chanin - Mindful Business Podcast, March 2020

Mindful Business Podcast, March 2020

Alabama Chanin - For a Modern Sustainable Life "We talk with the founder and slow design pioneer Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin. The company that has become what Alabama Chanin is today began early in 2000 with Natalie creating hand-sewn garments made from cotton jersey t-shirts. They are a leader in elevated craft due to a strong belief in tradition and dedication to locally sewn garments and goods—both hand and machine-sewn. They maintain responsible, ethical, and sustainable practices holding themselves to the highest standards for quality. At Alabama Chanin, they preserve traditions of community, design, producing, and living arts by...

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