Vogue and Julia Reed, 2002

Vogue and Julia Reed, 2002

Vogue’s Julia Reed visits Project Alabama in 2001, the start of what would become a longstanding relationship shared between Natalie and the publication. Julia’s piece, “Sweet Home Alabama,” is published in the March 2002 issue.

“If the goal seems a bit quixotic, keep in mind that she started little more than a year ago with a handful of ads in the local paper. Now she has a growing army of enthusiastic women. ‘They are Project Alabama,’ she says. ‘This has a heart. We found a way to do fashion with a heart.’” —Julia Reed for Vogue Magazine, March 2002

Julia Reed, acclaimed journalist and frequent contributor to leading publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, and Newsweek, passed away in August of 2020. Her life, spirit, and engaging work are remembered and celebrated by her family, friends, and those within the industry who had the privilege of working with her throughout her decades-long career.


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Slide 1: First page of the Vogue Magazine article “Art of the Craft: Sweet Home Alabama” featuring The Corset, March 2002, photograph by Robert Rausch 

Slide 2: Vogue Magazine,“Art of the Craft: Sweet Home Alabama,” March 2002, photograph by Robert Rausch